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by Akiyama Shin

Where Japanese precision meets Dutch flair. Elevate your style with the fusion of East meets West, curated by our designer Akiyama Shin. Discover the crossroads of culture in every stitch.

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"Welcome to Shennit, where our commitment is defined by two core principles: Quality and Origin Matters. We meticulously curate our clothing with discerning standards, ensuring each piece meets our exceptionally high criteria.

We take pride in selecting garments with origins free from associations with child labor or low-income conditions.

At ShenX, your style is a statement of integrity and excellence."

Made by hand

Onze kledingstukken belichamen de verfijnde kunst van Japanse ambachtelijke tradities, die zich onderscheiden door hun precisie en aandacht voor detail. Elk patroon vertelt een uniek verhaal en elke steek is doordrenkt met de geest van vakmanschap diep geworteld in de Japanse cultuur.

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Akiyama Shin

"Discover the fusion of Tokyo's street style and Dutch craftsmanship in our exclusive collaboration with renowned designer Akiyama Shin. From the vibrant districts of Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku, Akiyama Shin's unique designs now grace our high-quality clothing. Elevate your wardrobe with this cross-cultural masterpiece, where Japanese flair meets Dutch expertise.

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