The method we use is called FLEX & FLOCK printing.

Flex & Flock printing offers some of the finest results in printing. It offers a smooth and slightly shiny surface, and is ideal for fonts and logos, and for blocks of colours. The printing is done using a thin film from which the print is cut out. The film is then fused onto the garment using high temperature and high pressure.

What are the (dis)advantages of flex and flock printing?


  • NO minimum order.
  • NO startup fees.
  • Design can be printed on every position of our products.
  • Good color dept, bright color and very durable.
  • Many well known brands also use this technique.


  • No color gradients / blending possible
  • Not all colors are available.

On which product can we print on?

All our products can be printed on. Go to our Untouched Shennit to see what we offer. You can customize our product with your own text and color when selected one of our Untouched Product. Or you can send us an E-Mail to with all the details and attachments, so we can design the shirt for you.


To see our price information go to this page.

IMPORTANT! Before buying your customized product.

You can’t return your customized product or change it for another. Check your body size and the size charts of our clothing. And check if everything is correct like grammar, positions and sizes. If you are doubting in yourself send us an e-mail one of our expert designer will take a look for you. Or just let us design your clothing and we will send you a digital example and offer via e-mail before accepting.

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